SOUP Addendum One

Trafalgar and Halos

Trafalgar was one of the first to put the new pulse technology to good use, merging existing laser technology with the newly discovered pulse particles, using them as a natural 360-degree screen. A laser pulse would first organize the magnetic characteristics of the sunís miniscule discarded particles, aligning the randomness of their mass in a given area (based on the power of the Halo unit) so all airborne solar particles became negatively charged. The positively charged laser images are then attracted to and react with the negative particles. Each minute particle pulses at different hues and intensities, depending on the frequency of the wavelength striking it. The result was a shimmering dreamlike H3D reality, appealing to the sight, sound, and feel of the participant as it materialized into a virtual 3D reality around the viewer.

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Original sketch by Haley Craw